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E-bike batteries (Li-Ion) are the most critical and overlooked part of your system


We will build any battery, in any configuration

We can diagnose and repair your faulty battery

Bonita Bikes started as a custom battery building shop in Boulder, Colorado

We design and install batteries for 36v, 48v, 52v, and even 72v high-powered applications

Specializing in unique designs, we can fit battery cells in any configuration to a custom case, creating a completely custom setup that integrates the battery into your bike for a more natural feel

Our battery service comes with full warranties for both custom builds and repairs

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Our Professional Battery Service

  •  If you think your battery is faulty, let us know the bike brand and model as specifically as possible

  • If you want to replace your battery, tell us the brand name and model and what you are looking for in a new battery (more distance, lighter weight, etc.)

  • If you are in the market for a new, unique customized battery, give us the specifications you are thinking of and we'll work on design configurations for you to choose from

In many circumstances, an off-the-shelf battery from one of our trusted suppliers is the best answer.


This can get you back on the road or trails quickly, as we order individual cells for repair or new battery work which take roughly the same transit time as a new fully assembled battery.

We will discuss the options with you as we go through the process!

battery shop

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Bonita Bikes is here to give you the best possible e-biking experience

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