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Bonita BikeView™

Available on your desktop or mobile phone internet browser, or as an app available in the Android and Apple stores

Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 12 - 2021
Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 12 - 2021
Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 12 - 2021

What is BikeView™?

Bonita BikeView™ is our proprietary messaging app, designed to keep you updated and informed on your e-bike service​ as we diagnose problems, order and track parts, and service the bike systems.

Why did we build BikeView™?

Service on mechanical systems, whether it be your car, air conditioning, or electric bike, can be an opaque and frustrating experience -- often we are left in the dark as to what the real problems are, how long they will take to fix, and what the costs are projected to be.

At Bonita Bikes we want to keep you informed, because we know that electric bikes are special modes of pleasure and transportation, sometimes even necessary for handicapped individuals.

BikeView™ also serves as a record-keeping system that never goes away, so that if you ever need to refer back to service records, all you need to do is email us a request and they will promptly be delivered to you as a text document (or we can email them to you when you receive your bike).

This process starts as soon as we take delivery of your bike:

  1. You will be set up with an account on the BikeView™ database, powered by secure Google Firebase® server and authentication technology

  2. We will send you a picture of your bike in the shop, as soon as the service process starts

  3. At each significant step, messages and/or photos are posted of the service diagnosis and repair

  4. Many times on e-bike service, specialty parts are necessary to order, so tracking (if available) will be posted, or estimated delivery times listed


  • Receive notifications on each message we post, or if you are using the dedicated mobile app, push notifications to your phone (opt out of any of these notifications at any time on the Settings screen with the click of a button)

  • Stay updated on your e-bike repair! That is why we built it


  • Maintain service records -- an important aspect of any sophisticated mechanical system


  • Ask questions at any time and interact with the process

  • Stay informed on the time frames involved in the service and repair process

  • Have fun! The more you know, the better your experience will be

  • Learn! Following along you will gain a better understanding of how e-bikes work, and be prepared for the future should any other issues arise

Benefits of Using BikeView™

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