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custom designed e-bikes

The best way to enjoy an e-bike is to build your own

With Bonita Bikes, you can pick out your frame, tell us how you want to ride, and we'll provide you with the specs of a range of products to fit your needs and price. Easy and rewarding!

Designing an Electric Bike is Simple

There are only 3 main components to a customized e-bike:

1. Frame

2. Battery

3. Motor

The frame can be any aluminum frame with quality shifting components

If you have a bike in your garage, it is perfect for a retrofit

There are a few extra factors, which we can easily explain to you:

  - Mid-motor vs. Hub-motor

  - Battery size (Amp-hours)

  - Motor power (Watts)

We can tailor these considerations based upon a conversation with you about your biking needs

In addition to manufacturer warranties, our bikes are fully backed by a 6 months parts and labor warranty for any mechanical issues

How To Design Your Own Bike

Find your bike online or locally; we recommend bikesdirect.comThey offer a wide range of quality bicycles that we can retrofit to any need (or tell us about a bike you already own)

Pick out a few bikes in your price range to show us - to select your price range, add $1,000 - $2,000 to the base model price (depending on your needs) for the custom electric retrofit

Start a dialogue with us below, telling us how you will be using your electric bike. We will email you back, where you will be able to include links to your selected models

We will work with you to decide what motor and battery will fit your e-biking needs

Using our BikeView™ app, we will keep you updated on the build process

3-4 weeks later, you will take delivery of your brand-new custom e-bike!

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Design your bike

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Bonita Bikes is here to give you the best possible e-biking experience

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