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E-Bike Repair

Electric bicycles are a simple design, yet a complicated system. Your battery provides power to your motor, and the motor helps you pedal.

However, there are many mechanical and/or electrical issues that can arise from this arrangement, and you will need a qualified and experienced e-bike technician to assist you

Some Common Problems:

- Battery malfunction

- Pedal Assistance malfunction

- Loose or faulty wiring

- Motor wear and tear

- Water damage

We are here to help with any issue that you are having, no problem too big or small

This is how we will help you 

Write us a description of the issue and the symptoms your bike is experiencing, no detail is too small

After reviewing your input, we will prepare a possible diagnosis for when we contact you.

Options will be discussed for repair of your e-bike

An appointment will be set to take delivery of your bicycle (you will be responsible for pickup and drop-off)

Using our trademark BikeView™ real-time service interaction, you will be kept informed of the repair process. You may also ask questions and interact with your repair engineer. 

let us help

Please Contact Us!

Bonita Bikes is here to give you the best possible e-biking experience

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