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Bicycle service center

Full Service Bike Shop

Specializing in Electric Bike Repair, Batteries and Customization


same-day tube & tire service

Walk-in, walk-out with tube/tire change!

Bicycle maintenance
& E-bike specialists

Bonita Bikes is a full-service bike shop for any bike that rolls (or wants to roll) -- we do it all. Same-day tube & tire service, tune-ups, drivetrain service, bike assembly, the list is endless. We are also the only electric bicycle service experts in the Fort Myers - Bonita Springs - Naples area. If you are having issues with your e-bike (or non-electric bike), call or drop in to discuss your problem today

Expert Service:
Tire/tube changes
Brake adjustments
Drivetrain overhaul
Spoke replacement
...and all other bicycle maintenance


  • E-Bike diagnosics & service

  • E-bike battery repair


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Euphree City Robin X
the top city-style bike on the market

Test Ride Today!

60 mile range
Full suspension
48 volt, high power
Integrated lights
Hydraulic brakes

PREMIUM COMPONENTS, premium customer service

Designed in America, Euphree City Robin 2022 is the perfect electric bike for neighborhood and bike path riding - comfort, power and high-tech engineering all rolled into one affordable package combined with unmatched local customer service


Snapcycle r1 Step-Thru
Premium Fat tire e-Bike (also available as step-over model)

Test Ride Today!

50 mile range
Front Hydraulic shocks
48 volt, high power
Integrated lights
Hydraulic brakes
4 inch tires for comfort/off road


Snapcycle R1 Step-Thru and Step-Over fat-tire electric bikes are unmatched in looks, quality and customer service. Available in space-gray, the Snapcycle brand integrate the battery into the frame for great looks and great system integrity

EMOJO Bobcat
Folding fat-tire e-Bike

Test Ride Today!

35 mile range
Front Hydraulic shocks
48 volt, 500 watt
Integrated lights
Disc Brakes
3 inch smooth-tread tires


Emojo Bobcat is the best looking AND performing folding bike we have seen - covered in glistening enamel paint, this bike is perfect for folding and taking with you, or for the shorter guy or gal that needs something a little closer to the ground


battery experts


We started out as custom battery designers and builders. If you are having battery problems, want to upgrade your battery (on any bike), or have a custom battery need, your journey stops here

propietary messaging system

Our own interactive bicycle service app

Real-time text and photo updates on your e-bike service, via interactive 2-way messaging

  • Messages and pictures of your service

  • Keep track of costs

  • Ask us questions as we go

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