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Full-Service Bike Shop (Pedal and Electric Bikes)

Whether you want to hit the trails, you're a hardcore roadie, or want to cruise the neighborhood on your e-bike, we're here to support all of your cycling adventures.

Monday - Friday : 10-6 PM

Saturday & Sunday : 10-4 PM

9114 Bonita Beach Rd SE




Due to the complicated nature and overwhelming volume of e-bike issues, if you are experiencing ANY electrical problem on ANY e-bike, you must email us before you bring your e-bike to the shop. Click here for more e-bike information

For all electric bike and pedal bikes needing routine maintenance (brakes, flat tire, shifting, etc.), no appointments necessary (or taken)! Please just bring your bike to the shop, and you will have it back soon with our best service guarantee!

We offer:

SAME DAY flat repair

E-Bike diagnostics ($25 flat fee)

Full quote before tune-up - no hidden fees!  

Please visit the shop with your bike (we cannot do diagnostics over the phone) 

Remember - do not bring an e-bike with an electrical problem without emailing first

Flat Tire?

  E-Bike Issue 

Tune-Up/Service Prices

Bike Service

We will NEVER turn away a bike, no matter how big or small the problem. 

* All pedal bikes including electronic shifting, hydraulic brakes

* All electric bikes

We are the only shop in America that can service any electric bike on the road, due to our staff of experienced, professionally certified engineers. 

Most services generally take 0-4 days, depending on part availability. Due to volume, we cannot work on an appointment basis (unless you have an e-bike with an electrical problem), so just bring your bike to the shop and we will take it from there. 

Basic bicycle needs (tune-up, component repair) generally takes 0-4 days, electrical issues will probably take longer

Enjoy Local Pickup

We carry a variety of pedal and electric bikes for your needs. From brands such as Sun and Marin (coming soon), to electric brands Euphree, Snapcycle, Hiboy, Elevate, and more!

Expert Advice & Friendly Service Available

Our team is here to answer your cycling-related questions. We prefer an email conversation so that we can focus on customer experience and servicing your bikes. Please drop us an email using the link below!