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Hello! You have reached our contact page, so before we talk, let's get to know each other first.

Our main priority is doing affordable, high-quality work, and getting the bicycle back to the customer as quickly as possible.  We service a lot of commuters, so speed is our priority.

Accordingly, answering the phone or email takes away from our work time (we are a smaller shop without a huge staff). Let's see if we can get your question resolved here, saving us and yourself some time!


  • Do you need an appointment? No, not for PEDAL bikes, or just electric bikes with regular mechanical issues, we find that bicycles are not efficiently worked on as an appointment basis. Please just bring your bike to the shop for a complete quote and awesome service. However, if you have an ELECTRIC BIKE with an electric-specific problem, you must reach out to us via email first. 
  • Can we fix your electric bike? Absolutely. We can fix ANY electric bike out there. We are Bosch-certified so can work on Trek and other Bosch systems.
  • Do we sell bikes? Lots of them! We currently have every style of e-bike on the market, as well as regular pedal cruisers and hybrids.
  • How long will we keep your bike? Flat tire - same day/hour service; tune-up or component service - 0-3 business-open days; ebike-specific problem -- open ended time frame. After diagnostics (performed within 24 hours for $25 flat-rate fee), we will work with you on a solution.
  • What are our prices? As low as possible! We pride ourselves in being the lowest-cost and highest quality shop in Florida. Click here for more information.

If  you still have a question. by all means call or email us. Our phone number is below, and we'll talk to you soon!