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Hello! You have reached our contact page, so before we talk, let's get to know each other first.

Our main priority is doing affordable, high-quality work, and getting the bicycle back to the customer as quickly as possible.  We service a lot of commuters, so speed is our priority.

Accordingly, answering the phone or email takes away from our work time (we are a smaller shop without a huge staff). Let's see if we can get your question resolved here, saving us and yourself some time!


  • Do you need an appointment? No, we find that bicycles are not efficiently worked on as an appointment basis. Please just bring your bike to the shop for a complete quote and awesome service.
  • Can we fix your electric bike? Absolutely. We can fix ANY electric bike out there. We are Bosch-certified so can work on Trek and other Bosch systems.
  • Do we sell bikes? Lots of them! We currently have every style of e-bike on the market, as well as regular pedal cruisers and hybrids.
  • How long will we keep your bike? Flat tire - same day/hour service; tune-up or component service - 0-3 business-open days; ebike-specific problem -- open ended time frame. After diagnostics (performed within 24 hours for $25 flat-rate fee), we will work with you on a solution.
  • What are our prices? As low as possible! We pride ourselves in being the lowest-cost and highest quality shop in Florida. Click here for more information.

If  you still have a question. by all means call or email us. Our phone number is below, and we'll talk to you soon!