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Bike Service & Repair

Flat Tire? Sorry about your luck -- but we offer same-day service at Bonita Bikes. Walk in with your flat, ride out 20 minutes later**!

**Depending on number of flat requests preceding yours

Inner Tube and Labor Charge Costs (includes sales tax):

Bike TypeInner Tube PriceInstallation Price: FrontInstallation Price: Rear
Pedal (non-electric) bike$11$14$14
Electric Bike (non fat-tire)$11$14$25/$30**
Fat Tire Electric Bike$20$14$25/$30**

** Rear MOTOR wheels are either quick, or non-quick removals. Non-quick-removal wheels take much longer, hence a higher labor charge seen in the "total price" box

When you get to the shop, we can help assess whether your outer tire needs to be changed (unlikely). Tire prices range from $30-40 for a typical tire (fat tire bikes are $60-$100, and higher-end pedal bike tires range from $50-$80)


Due to the complicated nature and overwhelming volume of e-bike issues, if you are experiencing ANY electrical problem on ANY e-bike, you must email us before you bring your e-bike to the shop. There are no exceptions. Again, only electrical problems must have an appointment. Click here for more e-bike information

For all electric bike and pedal bikes needing routine maintenance (brakes, flat tire, shifting, etc.), no appointments necessary (or taken). Please just bring your bike to the shop

Bicycle maintenance & E-bike specialists

Bonita Bikes is a full-service bike shop for any bike that rolls (or wants to roll) -- we do it all. Same-day tube & tire service, tune-ups, drivetrain service, bike assembly, the list is endless. We are also the only electric bicycle service experts in the Fort Myers - Bonita Springs - Naples area. If you are having issues with your e-bike (or non-electric bike), call or drop in to discuss your problem today

Services we Offer

Tire/tube changes
Brake adjustments
Drivetrain overhaul
Spoke replacement
...and all other bicycle maintenance

E-Bike Repair

Electric bicycles are a simple design, yet a complicated system. Your battery provides power to your motor, and the motor helps you pedal.

However, there are many mechanical and/or electrical issues that can arise from this arrangement, and you will need a qualified and experienced e-bike technician to assist you

Some Common Problems:

- Battery malfunction
- Pedal Assistance malfunction
- Loose or faulty wiring
- Motor wear and tear
- Water damage

We cannot diagnose problems over the phone or email -- please bring your bike (or battery) to the shop as soon as possible for diagnostics ($25 flat diagnostic fee).

Tune-Up Options

For the most comprehensive service and the best value, we recommend choosing one of our complete tune-up packages listed below. We also offer a la carte bike repairs if you're in need of a minor fix or adjustment, such as new pedals or other components. We strive to complete your bike service quickly and accurately. Learn more about our packages and visit us today for your free estimate.

For most neighborhood/commuting bikes, the best package is the cheapest package (basic tune-up) -- if you aren't a super serious road warrior, we can get your bike running like new with the basic package.

Also with the basic package, we fix any other problems on top of the base package, on an additional cost/labor basis. So if you aren't sure what you need, bring it to us and we will put it on the stand and tell you exactly how much it will cost to come out like new!

Tune-Up - Basic


  • Basic Tune-Up includes:
  • Brake adjustments
  • Shifting adjustments
  • Chain cleaning and lubrication
  • Frame cleaning
  • Any other problems we find we will contact you first!

Tune-Up - Advanced


  • Basic Tune Plus:
  • New Cables & Housings
  • Wheel truing
  • Advanced drivetrain cleaning
  • Headset adjustments
  • Minor hub/bearing service
  • Bottom bracket adjustments

Tune-Up - Overhaul


  • Advanced Tune Plus:
  • Drivetrain removal and cleaning
  • Drivetrain reinstallation, inspection, and fine-tuning
  • Essentially, your bike will come out brand new!

We are here to help with any issue that you are having, no problem too big or small